Paramedics using virtual reality to train for real-life emergencies

Trainees are able to treat the patient the same way they’d treat a real patient and hone decision-making skills in life-and-death situations

By EMS1 Staff

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — Firefighters are getting an upgrade to the traditional training dummy in the form of realistic scenarios and headsets.

NBC Miami reported that Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department has teamed up with Virtual Education Systems to provide EMS assessments using virtual reality.

“We’re using virtual reality to assess their competency in managing an emergency patient case,” explained Robert Moore, CEO of Virtual Education Systems.

Moore also said trainees can do the same things they would do to a real patient, such applying an IV, performing CPR and intubating.

“It makes you feel like you’re there even if you don’t have a patient in front of you,” Alan Jimenez, virtual reality trainee, said.

The program could also make grading more fair.

“It’s automatically tracked and graded so we take out all the subjective and grade them objectively and their performance instead of somebody else’s views,” said Rob McGilloway, Division Chief of the department.

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