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Two Colo. EMS agencies first in state to adopt ambulance stretcher patient scales


CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Southwest Teller County EMS (Cripple Creek, CO) and South Park Ambulance District (Fairplay, CO) are the first two emergency medical service (EMS) agencies in Colorado to adopt OneWeight from Hinckley Medical, the first-ever patient scale that attaches to existing ambulance stretchers. Both agencies are pairing these ground-breaking scales with the OneDose Protocol Management Platform, also from Hinckley Medical, in order to provide more accurate medication dosing in the field. Both agencies implemented these tools officially in April 2024 and are already seeing the benefit of better patient care for their communities.

The moves by these departments come at a time when paramedics are under increased scrutiny. Hinckley Medical identified that there are three leading causes of prehospital medication errors: cognitive errors such as miscalculations, weight estimation errors, and misaligned communication among providers. Both OneWeight and OneDose aim to solve all three of these issues, leading to increased accuracy of medication administration during critical interventions.

Southwest Teller County EMS, under the leadership of Director Eric Murray, secured funding in January 2024 after a successful trial period with the OneWeight unit. By April 2024, both OneWeight and OneDose were implemented in the entire fleet of frontline vehicles. Director Murray highlighted the necessity of accurate weight-based medication dosing, “With OneWeight, we know we have accurate weights, within three percent accuracy.” Murray added, “Our employees understand that the use of OneWeight and OneDose will protect our patients from potential harm from weight-based medication errors. They also protect our providers from making a mistake when administering medication, especially in the middle of the night when they are tired. Everyone wins.”

Similarly, South Park Ambulance District, led by Director Kevin Borns, embraced these technologies after recognizing their potential to significantly impact care during long transport times typical within the district. Funding approved in February 2024 facilitated the deployment of OneWeight and OneDose by April 2024. Director Borns reports that adding Hinckley Medical’s suite of products to their fleet is “another tool to help eliminate medication dosing errors and streamlines protocol reference to one location.”

OneWeight and OneDose are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing EMS operations, offering real-time clinical support that is easy to use and highly effective, supporting Hinckley Medical’s mission to pioneer precision prehospital care. “By providing tools like OneWeight and OneDose, we empower EMS providers to perform their duties with enhanced accuracy and reduced stress, improving patient outcomes significantly,” stated Michael Elsbernd, Hinckley Medical COO.

The adoption of these innovative tools shows that both Southwest Teller County EMS and South Park Ambulance District are committed to providing their communities the best care possible through accurate dosing and streamlined medical care.

About Hinckley Medical

Hinckley Medical minimizes prehospital medical errors with two innovative solutions: OneDose, an interactive protocol workflow app, and OneWeight, the first patient scale for ambulance gurneys. Designed for seamless integration or standalone use, both enhance patient care by ensuring accurate weight-based dosing and streamlined protocol adherence.