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Prioritizing Efficiency In 2014 – Be Your Agency’s Hero

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The days of handling day-to-day operations on paper are long gone. Or at least they should be. If you find your agency still shuffles paper from office to office and relies on pencils with with plenty of erasers in order to crank out a schedule each month, we have some good news for you…there is a better way.

2014 is the year for you to become your agency’s hero. Not everyone is comfortable with change. If you can be the visionary who can push for change while saving everyone time and money, you’ll undoubtedly be up for the next ‘member of the year’ award at the annual company banquet.

It’s amazing to see how many agencies across the United States are still old school and haven’t engaged technology to help them create efficiencies. With very little time and a modest financial investment, any EMS, fire or air medical company can save man-hours (and stress) each month.

The first step is to make the decision to commit to the need for change and confirm that your company has the budget available to make the leap. Next, research the best software options for your agency. EMS eSchedule offers great flexibility—it’s a good fit for small and large agencies alike.

A major differentiator with EMS eSchedule is the company’s abilitiy to work closely with each customer to tailor custom solutions. Perhaps you have a unique payroll or time card quirk or need a specific report created, the team at EMS eSchedule will figure out the best way to make it happen while minimzing the need to change process on your end.

Most software that’s used today is web-based or “cloud” based. This simply means that the software lives on a server and is accessible from any Internet enabled device. Think of it in terms of your e-mail. Rather than having a local software program running on your computer, many people now use web-based e-mail like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Hotmail. Having a scheduling and workforce management software that is web-based allows you to not worry about having to install anything or get involved with any technical details. All you do is login and use the software.

With 56% of the population using a smart phone, it’s important that you select software that you and your members can use from your iPhone, Droid or other device (including tablets like an iPad). You’ll get quick and easy access to all the information you need on-the-go.

Investing in an agency management software package like EMS eSchedule will save you and your members time. They can access their schedule online 24/7 and you’ll have access to all the reports and data you need as a manager. Exporting time cards to your payroll processor is simple and easy.

EMS eSchedule offers simple monthly fees with no commitment or hiddens charges. When you investigate the options out there, make sure you’re comfortable with all the factors—the company itself, the fee structure, technical capabilities, features and of course, mobile access.

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EMS eSchedule offers web-based personnel & agency management software for EMS, fire and other related industries (Ambulance, Advanced Life Support, Fire, Helicopter/Air Medical Transport, etc.). Functionality includes scheduling, time clock, attendance and payroll integration, shift availability, training & certification tracking, vehicle maintenance and much more. The company has been in business since 2004 and steadily growing ever since, serving agencies across the United States.