EMS and Public Service Scheduling: Advanced Insight from 2010

In October of 2010, eCore’s own Steven Turner penned an article about web-based EMS and Public Service scheduling software. Nearly seven years later, it is important to acknowledge that everything he pointed out then, is valid now.

Technology Advancements in EMS Scheduling

With increased mobile functionality with phones and tablet accessories, technology continues to advance beyond what anyone could have predicted even ten years ago. However, while technology may advance, the concepts of the Turner’s article still ring true in the modern age.

The requirements of viewing schedules, providing availability, trading shifts, and requesting time-off haven’t changed for the most part. These are still extremely important factors that any business needs to stay on top of. It could even be stated that current technology makes these factors even more important when it comes to EMS and Public Service scheduling software.

Integration and More are Still Key in Employee Scheduling for all Industries

When considering the purchase of scheduling software for your business, it is important to understand that some qualities never change, despite the bells and whistles that may come with some providers. Some of the evergreen signs of a reliable and efficient software choice include:

  • Integration: When examining integration as a business owner you must take into account whether or not the software meets all of your scheduling needs. If you find yourself having to look for different software choices to completely fulfill your business needs, then you may be looking into the wrong choices.
  • Configurability: With EMS and other public services, new technology should be implemented to enhance a business while still maintaining the quality that made the business function as well as it had in the past. According to the article by Turner,  an appropriate software package should be able to natively support or be easily modified to meet your organization’s unique policies for holiday payments.
  • User-Friendliness: Despite any changes or advancements made to scheduling technology, the ease of use is always going to be important. If the software proves to be more complex than desired, look into training services from the company.

eCore Brings the Best in Scheduling Software

Scheduling is extremely important in the public service sectors of a community. From EMS to Fire Departments, getting a proper schedule under control can be the difference between succeeding and failing the citizens they have sworn to protect. As leaders in scheduling technology, ecore is proud to offer the ePro Scheduler Plus to public service providers. Our product is the industry proven web-based software that has been the standard in EMS, fire, and other public service operations in several different market sectors.

By utilizing our software, expect to increase employee satisfaction, become more efficient, and get the lowest total cost of ownership. It is the workflow solution that works for any operation, any size. If you are interested in implementing the best in scheduling software, reach out to us today in order to receive your free demonstration. Through our ePro Scheduler Plus product, your public service sector will have a leg-up on the competition in no time.

About eCore Software Inc.
eCore Software Inc. is a leading provider of web-based software applications. ePro Scheduler Plus has been providing value to public service organizations like EMS operations, fire and police departments, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals since 1998. Our flagship product ePro Scheduler is an industry leader in integrated scheduling, time & attendance and payroll and continues to be the workflow solution selected by the leading high performance EMS operations across the US.

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