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There is nothing more difficult to manage than large, distributed operations in a nationwide or worldwide company. The hierarchy usually starts at the top with the HR department and company-wide IT departments headed by a CTO (Chief Technology Officer).  Next level is regions, then divisions within a region, then each operation within a division. Each level of the hierarchy has different information requirements and management duties.

In an HRIS and payroll system, the industry accepted standard starts with assigning cost centers (some refer to as departments) at the operational level. Cost centers roll in upward buckets for divisions, regions, etc.  Setting up cost centers to represent each operation, division and region are essential to determining how clear of a picture can be obtained from the weekly operation of an enterprise business, from top to bottom. Reports at each level will provide accurate reporting for supervisors, division general managers, regional vice presidents all the way up to the executive level of the company for the bird’s eye view of overall company performance.

Enterprise Operations: Where Principles and Management Are Key
The operational level is where the rubber hits the road.  That is where management of regular pay, overtime, planned and unplanned time-off is done. Earning Codes (also referred to as job codes) provide the vehicle for allocating hours to specific categories. Having analytical tools that provide straightforward ways to evaluate where the money is going by location (cost center),  what the hours are being allocated to (earning/job code),  and where efficiency gains can be made is essential.

Applying the same principles and management guidelines for each operation is the key to getting an accurate view of how a division is doing. Exception reporting will accurately represent the performance of each operation within a division. Exceptions can be identified and addressed. Like why division A has so much unplanned overtime or why division B has so little unplanned overtime and short call-offs that require quick backfill of shifts. DGMs need tools that allow them to pinpoint what is working well and where improvement needs to be made in each operation that allows their division to run at top efficiency.

When rolling divisions into a region, regional executives have the same need to pinpoint what is working well and where improvement needs to be made in each division. With operational metrics rolling into division metrics, executives can see data at the level they need to evaluate each division and drill down to the level needed to take action for continued operational efficiency improvement.

A View From the Top
At the CEO, COO and CFO level, the top view is as accurate as where the rubber hits the road at the operational level.  Top-level executives have regional bird’s eye views and can drill down as needed to identify exceptions and act as needed for continued operational efficiency improvement.

There are few tools in the marketplace that can handle complex, enterprise requirements of large, distributed companies to run smoothly from top to bottom.  ePro Scheduler is one of the tools that can.  The enterprise settings in ePro Scheduler provide a straightforward way to define and configure each operation, division, and region to match the HRIS employee management system.  It aides in pinpointing settings in the HRIS system that need tweaking to better represent operations in a consistent manner across the company.   ePro Scheduler privileges allow administrators to give employees access to the data and functions they need to do their jobs at every level of the enterprise.  From field employees to supervisors to general managers all the way up to vice presidents and top executives.

Push Your Enterprise Operations to the Top with eCore’s ePro Scheduler
ePro Scheduler’s enterprise capabilities are the reason eCore has some of the largest public service companies in the United States as clients.  It is the only web-based Software as a Service (Saas) platform that can handle complex enterprise requirements as well as the simple requirements for a volunteer operation with 20 employees.  Whether you have 20, 200, 2,000 or 20,000 employees in your organization, ePro Scheduler Plus is the best solution available.  Reach out to us today to get started with a Customer Success expert at eCore.

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