New digital health service helps patients monitor COVID-19 at home

Families and doctors to collaborate on care using program funded by individual donations.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Digital Decision and Incentivate Health today announced the launch of COVID-19 Homecare, an easy to use, secure digital health service supporting COVID-19 patients and their doctors.

Until sound treatments and a vaccine are developed, we must care for the infected while simultaneously deploying effective strategies to flatten the curve and allow for meaningful economic activity to resume. To meet these challenges, COVID-19 Homecare is designed to address a key challenge during this crisis: providing adequate care to patients self-isolating at home. 

“Partnering with Incentivate Health, a software company focused on developing innovative solutions to improve healthcare delivery,” noted Robert LeGrande, Founder and President of The Digital Decision, “we set out to develop a way for healthcare professionals to assess and help COVID-19 patients remotely. Signing up for the service is easy, and patients and caregivers can connect in a collaborative care environment.”

Recognizing the crucial need to implement the tracking and support functions offered by COVID-19 Homecare, The Digital Decision and Incentivate Health have initiated this program as a donation funded service. Individuals can sign up, offer their donation online, and begin coordinating their care with their healthcare provider, and also with members of their family, or a designated caregiver if they so choose. The donation based design makes COVID-19 Homecare widely affordable and accessible to people in need.

Coming together while staying apart isn’t just about dealing with the societal aspects of our response to the coronavirus outbreak. Providing care to patients has required health professionals to get close to patients, exposing themselves to the very disease they are working to eradicate. This is why massive testing and contact tracing programs must be rolled out nationally so that those who become infected can be quickly identified, isolated, and supported, along with their contacts.

COVID-19 Homecare enables and supports this process in a direct way, by automatically checking in with patients at risk for COVID-19 complications who are self-isolating. Daily text messages sent to patients’ mobile phones prompt for the completion of a quick health status survey. Patient survey responses are immediately tabulated and summarized in a real time patient report that can be accessed by patient healthcare providers. Patients determine who can view their report through a simple authorization process.

COVID-19 Homecare is fully complementary to all other telehealth systems and can be used in conjunction with them. Further, data security is our highest priority. The solution is HIPAA-complaint and our security protocols ensure the highest level of safety for patients’ data.

“In this global pandemic, we face a foe that exploits this most basic part of what it is to be alive, our need to connect with others. While our first reaction to any crisis is to come together, treating, slowing, and stopping the coronavirus requires us to stay apart,” added Incentivate Health Co-Founder, Larry Toole. “We are proud to offer the COVID-19 Homecare solution and put our skills to use in fighting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite healthcare providers and COVID-19 patients or at-risk people to use the service, offer feedback, and help solve this global problem the way we solve problems best, as a team.”

See for details on COVID-19 Homecare and to sign up for the service.

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