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A sneak peak at what’s coming soon

We are changing the First Responder industry.

As a first responder, you know that when we arrive at a call, we often don’t have much information beyond what the dispatcher has told us. Our mission is to change this. Top Responder is changing calls so that the responder knows more going into a call and has both safer calls as well as calls with better outcomes.

The App.

Unlike most technologies, our app allows for accounts for both responders and pedestrians. To us, this was non-negotiable. Our app contains a few key features that are life saving…

● Responders can view any information on their way to the call that may be life saving when they arrive such as allergies or serious health conditions the caller may have. Users can also enter in information about other occupants they live with and pets.

● Departments can view in-app pre-planning from prior emergency planning with property owners. Responders will receive alerts about hazards they may encounter when the tones go off.

● The app has live GPS tracking so that responders can view where other responders are and view their ETA.

● Responding departments as well as your departments can view nearest water sources as well as flow rates. They can also view water source capacity.

● Standby for much more to come.

At Top Responder we have one mission:

Respond. Rescue. Repeat.