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DGI’s CoBRA® Begins Global Deployment to US Marine Corps

Alexandria, VA - Defense Group Inc. (DGI) began worldwide deployment of its CoBRA® software to US Marine Corps (USMC) bases. CoBRA® is an easy to use decision support system that provides responders with the necessary interactive tools, guides, SOPS, checklists, report forms and incident reporting infrastructure to manage any critical incident. CoBRA® is completely customizable by the users, allowing them to input their own plans, checklists, maps, floor plans and other unique data.

The CoBRA® software is part of a central purchase made by USMC that also includes a custom built tool that integrates CoBRA® with Fieldsoft’s FDonScene software, which is already deployed. By integrating the two programs, USMC seamlessly utilizes the capabilities of both. “The agreement between DGI and FieldSoft, clearly demonstrates how the private sector can work together to “connect” otherwise disparate software applications for the benefit of first responders,” stated FieldSoft founder Mark Bouchard, “I hope other companies can follow the example set”.

This deployment will help USMC bases globally prepare for and respond to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and other critical incidents. “DGI recognizes responders’ global and urgent need for WMD preparedness at this juncture and applauds the Marine Corps for their advanced use of technology,” comments Chris Boehm, Group Vice President of DGI’s CoBRA Group.

About DGI
Since 1987, DGI has been assisting federal, state, and local government agencies in their response to potential incidents involving biological and chemical agents, nuclear weapons, radiological materials, and conventional explosives. DGI has provided its products and services to the FBI, the Pentagon, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DOE, and National Guard as well as corporations such as MCI WorldCom and Bristol Myers Squib. DGI’s CoBRA® family of products provides first responders with efficient coordinated response through recognized SOPs and checklists, dissemination of intelligence reports, and standardized incident reports. DGI’s thick client architecture ensures that the system remains operable even when communications systems have been temporarily lost. For more information on CoBRA® and DGI, visit their website at or contact Amy Kozlowski at (703) 706-4193 or at