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WauK Board Patient Transport Tool is Easily Decontaminated and Ideal for Ebola Transport

Please be aware that the WauK® board, a backboard with the features of a dolly built in, is an ideal patient transport device for Ebola infected patients.

Because it is a sealed unit that is designed to be decontaminated, a patient can be rolled (not carried) to an isolation area and decontaminated while on the WauK® board, unlike a -

  • stair chair (not easily decontaminated)
  • power cot (not easily decontaminated)
  • hospital cart (not easily decontaminated)
  • stretcher (not easily decontaminated)
  • or backboard (cannot be rolled - requires more than one first responder for transport)

The WauK® board is designed to be decontaminated after use and allows a single person to transport an infected patient by rolling them.

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