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Introducing the Eject Helmet Removal System By Shock Doctor

Revolutionary new tool reduces risk of spinal injury while quickly and safely removing helmets

MINNEAPOLIS, -- The Eject Helmet Removal System (Eject), by Shock Doctor, is the only product that allows medical caregivers at race tracks and elsewhere, the ability to quickly and safely remove closed faced helmets, without any pressure or traction applied to the spine. The process greatly reduces movement in the patient’s head, and assures that EMTs can immediately focus on primary medical concerns: airway, breathing and circulation (ABCs). EMS training is now available, to address the growing number of riders using the product.

Eject will also be showcasing at the EMS Expo & Conference, Oct. 28-30, 2009, to demonstrate the product fist-hand to EMS professionals.

“I firmly believe that Eject will become the standard of care in safe helmet removal,” said Dr. Steve Augustine, president and founder of the Action Sports Medicine Foundation. “Eject is a key tool in providing the best quality patient care, and I fully encourage riders to get Eject installed in their helmets.”

Eject is currently being provided to consumers, in addition to a specially designed First Responder Unit for EMS. Consisting of a small plastic bladder with a short length of tubing attached, Eject is placed in the top of a rider’s helmet. It is inflated, using a CO2 or handheld bulb inflator, to gently push the helmet off of the head, without any pressure or traction being applied to the spine.

“I’ve used Eject in training and in actual emergency situations at the track, and know that it works,” said Doug Dartsch, EMS training specialist for Shock Doctor. “Seeing the technology in action, gives EMTs a better understanding of its need and contribution to our profession.” Dartsch will be in attendance at the EMS Expo & Conference, and available for interviews and demos of Eject. He can also share more information about online training for EMTs.

It is recommended that the Eject Helmet Removal System only be used by EMTs properly trained in spinal immobilization, and that they have adequate practice using the system, before the product is deployed. Eject has a rollout program underway to support the riding and EMT communities on a nationwide basis. Eject is sold through distributors, Bound Tree Medical and Emergency Medical Products, Inc. (EMP).

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