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Ferno Releases Powerflexx+ Integrated Charging System

WILMINGTON, Ohio - Ferno Washington, a leading provider of patient handling and emergency response equipment, has just released the new POWERFlexx™+ICS Integrated Charging System.

Powered cots that may reduce injury are the latest innovation in patient transport. The Ferno POWERFlexx™+ICS Integrated Charging System now eliminates the need for battery management to ensure the powered cot is ready for action every time. When charged, the POWERFlexx™ cot can be used by EMT’s to lift and lower patient loads up to 700 lbs. at the push of a button, without lift assistance, reducing situations that may cause back injury.

The Ferno ICS is an integrated charging system that is connected to a standard cot fastener and an ambulance’s power system. When the POWERFlexx™ is pushed into the ambulance and locked into the fastener, the ICS powers off the POWERFlexx™ power system and begins charging the POWERFlexx™ battery. When the POWERFLexx™ is removed from the fastener, power is restored and the cot is ready for action.

For more information on the POWERFlexx™+ICS Integrated Charging System, contact Ferno Customer Service at 877-733-0911 or visit

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