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Watch: Suspense film written, directed by Detroit first responder makes its debut

Mich. EMT Nicholas Holland’s movie, “An Intrusion,” features actors from “Atypical,” “Halloween” and “Lord of the Rings”


Image/Nicholas Holland via Facebook

Edward Pevos

NOVI, Mich. — He saves lives as an EMT by day and writes movie scripts by night. No, that’s not the plot of this Michigan-made film. It’s actually the fast-paced life of its writer and director.

“An Intrusion” just had its world premiere in New York City and will be shown for the first time at a red-carpet event at the Emagine Novi on Nov. 11. The first screening has sold out. Tickets for the second screening can be purchased here. The red-carpet event begins around 7 p.m. with the film premiering at 8.

Written and directed by White Lake, Mich. native and Detroit EMT Nicholas Holland, and produced by Detroit’s Sam Logan Khaleghi, the film stars “Atypical’s” Keir Gilchrist, “Halloween’s” Scout Taylor-Compton and “Lord of the Ring’s” actor Billy Boyd.

The movie, which is filled with suspense and twists and turns, follows Sam, played by Dustin Prince. Sam recently ended an affair with a co-worker after receiving threats from an unknown man who is stalking his 16-year old daughter.

“It’s about this guy trying to figure out who is aware of his affair and stalking his family while also trying to keep the secret from police so he can keep his wife from finding out,” Holland told MLive. “He ends up making a poor decision where there’s no going back from, and he has no choice but to figure out who the stalker is and he can’t go to police. Things kind of spiral out of control for him.”

All of the movie was shot in and around Detroit. Moviegoers will recognize scenes from downtown Detroit, Rochester, Lake Orion, Holly, Hamtramck and more. All of the crew who worked on the film were also from Michigan, as well as a lot of the cast.

“Shooting in Michigan was practical,” added Holland. “I live here, all of my friends are here and every contact I know is here. It just made sense to do it here using stuff that was ready at our disposal. The crew is all Metro Detroiters. One of my closest friends, Alex Norris, was the assistant director. He and I have been working together since high school. The cast was a mixture of people from here and Los Angeles. Two of the lead actors are from Metro Detroit.”

“Audiences will notice we shot in heart of downtown Detroit. They’ll notice the famous Penobscot Building,” producer Sam Logan Khaleghi, who also stars in the film, told MLive. “People will see also American Coney Island.”

Logan Khaleghi says it was a thrill to work side-by-side with some of the on-screen star-power this film has in it.

“Everyone does a brilliant job. I play one of the potential suspects. We were thrilled and elated that Keir Gilchrist said yes to this film considering his resume and the projects he’s working on right now. He’s the title star of a popular show on Netflix. To be able to work with him and Taylor-Compton and Boyd was great. I was already such a fan of their work.”

Behind the scenes, multiple local law enforcement agencies worked closely with the cast and crew to help with the movie’s authenticity.

“The law enforcement assistance we received was very much appreciated and we couldn’t have made this movie without Holly Police Chief Jerry Narsh and Lake Orion Police Chief Harold Rossman, both of whom are in the film,” added Logan Khaleghi. “Between both of their departments, they were pivotal in helping make sure the law enforcement element of the film came off real and authentic.”

If you can’t make it to the Michigan premiere, the film is available now for pre-order through Apple’s iTunes for $12.99, set to drop on Nov. 26. You can purchase it here.

“The cast and crew on this movie were just exceptional,” added Holland. “I really hope when it’s all said and done, all of them, including the lesser-known cast and crew members who put in so much work and are so talented, become recognized and work in more projects going forward.”


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