Medic alleged to have stolen asthma medication to treat her child

A NC paramedic and her boyfriend are accused of stealing albuterol which she later gave to her child

BENSON, N.C. — A paramedic is alleged to have stolen albuterol and ketorolac from a North Carolina EMS agency.

Paramedic Melissa Jo Beasley, 27, and her boyfriend, Colin William Wilson, 26, both of Clayton, N.C. turned themselves into the Johnston County Sheriff's on Thursday reported ABC 11.

Beasley was charged with larceny by an employee and practicing medicine without a license. The practicing medicine charge is for the alleged theft of asthma medication stolen from the 50-210 EMS station and later given by Beasley to her child.

Wilson was charged with felony conspiracy. Both posted bail and were released from custody. Similar medication was also stolen from Selma EMS, where Beasley was an employee, and is under investigation.

An investigation began earlier this month after Wilson was involved in a minor traffic accident. A police officer spotted the medication inside the vehicle involved in the accident.

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