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Operative IQ Releases New Automation Services

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AUSTELL, Georgia-- From RFID Technology for Inventory Management and Narcotics Tracking to Fleet Telematics, Operative IQ announces enhancements to its automation capabilities.

Automation technologies capture data to improve compliance, accuracy and save operations man hours. Operative IQ team members will be at the EMS Today Conference at the Tampa Convention Center March 4th-6th to discuss the new developments that were offered in a sneak peek during its recent release to current clients in January of 2020.

Specific enhancements mentioned in the release include advancements in RFID inventory and asset tracking, recording of routine asset maintenance with RFID, the addition of VRMS Coding for fleet vehicle maintenance parts and labor and expanded integration with vehicle telematics and cameras.

Operative IQ’s Handheld RFID reader allows users to track and manage assets and consumable inventory from the time they reach the supply room though distribution to outlying station and vehicles. This significantly reduces labor hours and improves supply accuracy when working with distributed inventory that requires periodic reconciliation and inspection. Coupled with a low cost for deployment RFID automation’s return on investment can be achieved in less than 1 year.

Operative IQ has also begun deploying fixed RFID readers that automate the monitoring and recording of routine maintenance for critical assets. Operations have found great success in monitoring asset locations, controlled substances in drug safes and, most recently in Washington, the recording of SCBA Tank fills without any intervention from the operator to meet NFPA Standards.

Operative IQ’s vehicle automation marries real-time data from the field with fleet records to ensure maintenance needs are communicated and addressed while improving driver behavior and safety. When a vehicle is due for maintenance or repair the Operative IQ Fleet Maintenance software can schedule and record all maintenance records using VMRS coding for improved management and reporting of vehicle maintenance. Fleet telematics allows for the automated capture of odometer readings, GPS location, trip history, idle time, fuel usage, engine error codes and driver behavior wirelessly from the vehicle’s OBDII port. Driver, rear compartment and road facing cameras provide additional information to help supervisors set safety standards, monitor service provided and assess driver behavior.

EMS Technology Solutions offers cutting edge, affordable operations management software and products for First Responders designed around the way you work. Operative IQ Modules include Inventory & Asset Management, Integrated Purchasing, Narcotics Tracking, Fleet Maintenance, Vehicle Telematics, Service Desk Ticketing, RFID Automation and Reporting Solutions. EMS Technology Solutions has been honored with four consecutive EMS World Top Innovation Awards and recognized in the 2019 Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

For more information, please email Bridgette Hudak at or call 877-217-3707 x115.