How prevalent is PTSD among EMS providers?

Our co-hosts discuss a bill in the Conn. state legislature that excludes EMS personnel from receiving benefits related to post-traumatic stress disorder

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In this episode, co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss a Connecticut bill aimed at extending benefits for post-traumatic stress to first responders that excludes EMS. They are joined by RockStar Education President and CEO Reuben Farnsworth and EMS1 Columnist Nancy Magee for their expert analysis on this important topic.

Is PTSD just part of EMS that goes hand-in-hand with the job? Should PTSD awareness be part of every class providers are taught in initial and continuing education? How can industry personnel make their voices heard by policymakers in Connecticut? Join the discussion to find out the answers to these questions and add your thoughts below.  

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