Tryllion GlobalCorp. Announces the Introduction of Bloodsitck® to the Pre-Hospital, Hospital, and Healthcare Marketplace to Aid in Specien Integrity of Blood Draw Samples.

BRUNSWICK, OH - Bloodstick® helps the blood draw process by making it safer, quicker, and more efficient and helps reduce specimen integrity errors of blood samples.

Bloodstick is a new, patent-pending, blood-collection and transportation system that aims to revolutionize the orderly collection, labeling, and transportation of blood tube samples in a multitude of settings on a global scale.  This product is FDA inspected.  It was designed for quality patient management based on the need for Organization, Safety, Efficiency, and Specimen Integrity.

Bloodstick has been trialed at various EMS Services / Fire Departments and Emergency Rooms and is under evaluation by the United States Military.  There has been positive feedback throughout all trials and reviews are optimistic.

Several key benefits noted are:

  • Pre-build Bloodstick kits for a rapid draw
  • No more misplaced tubes or mislabeled tubes – “re-draws”
  • Stays with patient until labels are attached
  • Write patient name and ID directly onto the back of Bloodstick
  • Eliminate tube breakage
  • Speed / Efficiency
  • Reduce exposure
  • Hang from IV pole
  • Transports in baggies and hospital tube systems

Bloodstick is available immediately in quantities of 100, 250, and 500 and cost $149.00, $367.50, and $725.00 respectively.

For additional information, a product video demonstration, to place an order, or other inquiries please call David at 440-865-2127 or visit   Bloodstick is trademarked in the United States and Canada.

Tryllion Global Corp. markets and distributes Bloodstick and a shorter version is now available.  Additionally, work on siblings to Bloodstick is underway which will be on the same platform with a variety of specialized areas of utility.


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