Paramedic Vein Glasses Aid First Responders

Columbus, OH—Paramedics and first responders can enhance their vision and be able to treat patients quicker thanks to Paramedic Vein Glasses, created by O2Amp™. The technology amplifies the perception of veins to help first responders administer medication and draw blood faster.

“The Paramedic Vein Glasses uses Oxy-Amp™ technology which amplifies the perception of blood oxygenation under the skin,” said co-creator, Dr. Mark Changizi. “This makes it much easier for a paramedic or health care provider to see veins, therefore making it easier to draw blood and/or administer medicine.”

Although, according to Changizi, there are other equipment available for assisting medical professionals with vein finding, they are pricey (between $5,000-20,000). The Paramedic Vein Glasses are affordable (around $100), durable, portable, require no electricity or batteries, and can be used for impact and sun protection as well, making them a valuable resource for professionals in the emergency medical field.

Since announcing the Paramedic Vein Glasses on social media, the response by first responders has been well received.

"The small surface vessels seem to stand out nicely and when doing quick scans for veins, it is quite helpful,” said Dan Ruegsegger from American Medical Response.

Emergency responder and Paramedic Vein Glasses customer, Patric Lausch adds, “The glasses work especially well on pediatrics who are really hard to stick a second time so you need to do it right the first time. They have thin skin, good blood flow but lots of adipose under skin that is a vascular, so I was able to see their veins significantly better."

The "Oxy-Amp" Paramedic Vein Glasses do not work if one is color deficient, but the company also sells distinct "Oxy-Iso" technology designed to let colorblind people see veins and health cues (such as discerning veins, inflamed tissue, jaundice, blood, bile, and feces).

About 2 AI Labs:

2AI carries out fundamental research on cognition and perception in humans and machines. Its O2Amp lens technology is the subject of three patents. 2AI researchers have been featured in the New York Times, the Discovery Channel, Time, Wired, ABC and the BBC.

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