QinFlow's Warrior blood and IV fluid warmer outperformed Buddy Lite, Thermal Angel, and enFlow in an independent study

PLANO, Texas — An independent study carried out by researchers affiliated with Rambam Medical Center (Haifa, Israel), Technion Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel), Israel Defense Forces (Tel Aviv, Israel), and University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI, USA), concluded that QinFlow Warrior (Quality in Flow, Tel-Aviv, Israel) outperforms the Belmont Buddy Lite (Belmont Instrument Corporation, Billerica, Massachusetts, USA), Carefusion enFlow (CareFusion Corporation, San Diego, California, USA), and Estill Medical Thermal Angel (Estill Medical Technologies, Dallas, Texas, USA).

The warming performance of the devices was measured at two fluid incoming temperatures (10 and 20 degrees Celsius) and three flow rates (50, 100, and 200 mL/min).

The researchers reported that they “found significant differences between the fluid warmers." They concluded that “the Warrior provides the best warming performance at high infusion rates, as well as low input temperatures, and was able to warm the largest volumes in these conditions." They also concluded that “the use of the Buddy Lite should be limited to moderate input temperature and low flow rates" and that "the use of the Thermal Angel is limited to low volumes due to battery capacity and low output temperature at extreme conditions”. The researchers recommended that due to the significant differences between the devices, “clinicians should be aware of the limitations of each device to best match it to the planned clinical use."

“We are very proud with the conclusions of the research," said Ariel Katz, CEO QinFlow Inc. “The Warrior’s superior performance is derived from its underlying state-of-the-art, highly efficient and patent protected warming technology, which allows it to safely warm near-freeze fluids and blood products to body temperature extremely fast, even at high flow rates, thus allowing first responders, critical care transport teams, and emergency care professionals within the hospitals to focus on what they do best – saving lives," he added.

About QinFlow
Founded in 2009, QinFlow (short for Quality in Flow) is a private medical technology company focused on innovative thermoregulation technologies. QinFlow’s first product is the Warrior, a patented next generation fluid and blood warmer for the entire continuum of emergency care. Typical end users include civil and military search and rescue teams, critical care transport teams, and hospitals’ emergency care professionals in the ED, trauma, OR, and ICU settings. They use the Warrior to warm blood products and crystalloids, predominantly in trauma and medical emergency situations. QinFlow is headquartered in Kibutz Einat (Israel) and Plano TX (USA). QinFlow is not affiliated with the companies mentioned above. Contact us at or visit us at for more information.

About the Study
The researchers include Amit Lehavi, MD FANZCA, Avraham Yitzhak, MD MHA, Refael Jarassy, Rami Heizler, Yeshayahu (Shai) Katz, and Aeyal Raz, MD PHD. Their affiliations include the Department of Anesthesiology at the Rambam Medical center in Haifa, Israel (Amit Lehavi, MD FANZCA; Yeshayahu (Shai) Katz, MD DSC; Aeyal Raz, MD PHD; Rami Heizler); Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel (Amit Lehavi, MD FANZCA); Surgeon General’s Headquarters, Medical Corps, Israel Defense Forces, Tel Aviv, Israel (Avraham Yitzhak, MD MHA; Refael Jarassy); and Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, USA (Aeyal Raz, MD PHD). The Study was published by the Emergency Medical Journal (BMJ). It can be accessed in the following link:

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