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Take the guess work out of intubation

McGrath Video Laryngoscope proves useful in the prehospital environment


Photo LMA North America, Inc.
The McGrath Video Laryngoscope

By Erin Hicks
EMS1 Associate Editor

DALLAS — In a high pressure situation like an intubation, a visual aid can be more than a big help — it can save a life.

LMA‘s Video Laryngoscope, showcased at EMS Expo in Dallas earlier this month, is the first fully portable video laryngoscope designed for patients with difficult airways that can be used wherever a laryngoscope would normally be used.

A small camera and a powerful light source are located at the end of the laryngoscope blade. Once a clear image of the vocal cords and surrounding airway is obtained, a standard ET tube is guided through the vocal cords and into the larynx while viewed in real time on the color video display.

LMA showed two versions of the video laryngoscope at Expo this year, the McGrath Series 5 and the McGrath Series 5 HLDi. The difference is the latter can be fully submerged and cleaned using hydrogen peroxide vapor systems.

Further ensuring sterilization, the blade tips are single use and are thrown away after every use.

The device costs can be ordered online or by calling 1-800-788-7999.

Incorporated in Netherlands Antilles in 1998, LMA designs, develops, markets and distributes medical equipment, principally the LMA™ laryngeal mask airway line of supraglottic airway device products.