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How best to manage the airways of patients with traumatic injuries

Louisville Metro EMS Major Chis Lokits joins to discuss the future of paramedic intubation, as well his agency’s part in the DoD’s prehospital airway clinical trial

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Our Inside EMS cohosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson are joined by guest Major Chris Lokits from Louisville Metro EMS (LMEMS) to discuss paramedic intubations in the field. LMEMS is part of the Prehospital Airway Control Trial (PACT), a four-year Department of Defense research study aimed at “improving survival among people who have difficulty breathing after a trauma,” through the University of Louisville. A significant number, up to 15%, of people with traumatic injuries die due to a lack of airway management.

Dr. Raymond Orthober, LMEMS medical director and assistant professor of emergency medicine at UofL, is helping lead the university’s participation in the clinical trial.

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