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Global Pathogen Solutions, Inc. Announces Limited Time Promotion for D.A.R.T. Pro and X-TRACTOR Tip Systems

Free D.A.R.T. Pro and X-TRACTOR Tip System Handling Contaminated TASER Darts is a Thing of the Past

Global Pathogen Solutions®, Inc. is pleased to announce that for a limited time the company will provide a limited number of D.A.R.T. Pro® and X-TRACTOR® Systems to all agencies that share their stories of unfortunate needlestick injuries from handling contaminated TASER® darts. The D.A.R.T. Pro and X-TRACTOR Tip system is an FDA cleared and award winning product recently chosen by EMS Magazine and Police1 Magazine as a significant new product that decreases needlestick-type injuries in the field.

The D.A.R.T. Pro® and X-TRACTOR® System, when used correctly, eliminates any opportunity for these inadvertent needlestick-type injuries. A contaminated TASER® dart poses the same threat as a dirty hypodermic needle. Bloodborne pathogens carried on these contaminated barbed TASER ® darts include but are not limited to HIV-AIDS and the various strains of Hepatitis.

The D.A.R.T. Pro (Dart Acquiring and Retention Tool) and X-TRACTOR Tip System is a purpose-built, unique and patented system designed to eliminate any contact with the contaminated TASER® darts. The D.A.R.T. Pro® and X-TRACTOR® Tip System is the only safe, affordable and reliable method of removing and housing contaminated TASER® darts as evidence.

By removing the threat of bloodborne pathogen transmission though accidental needlestick-type injuries, employees can do their job safer and with confidence, and employers can eliminate the related costs of testing, treatment, lawsuits, personnel replacement and the training of new employees.

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