Del. firefighter/EMT struck at Pa. crash scene

Daniel Callaway, 31, is in stable condition after stopping to assist a motorist on the highway; an investigation is underway

WILMINGTON MANOR, Del. — A volunteer firefighter, trying to help a driver who had just been in a crash, is recovering after being struck by a car on an interstate Sunday.

NBC Philadelphia reported that firefighter Daniel Callaway, 31, was on his way to work at the Wilmington Manor Fire Company when he saw a car crash in a southbound lane of the highway.

While helping the driver involved in the crash, Callaway was hit by a different car, according to the report.

He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. While he was initially listed in critical condition, he is now stable, according to family members.

"We believe he's going to be fine," said Callaway's father, Raymond Callaway Sr.

Callaway has spent the last 11 years volunteering as a firefighter. He began as a junior firefighter at Wilmington Manor before being promoted. He also volunteers at the Belvedere (Del.) Volunteer Fire Company and works as an EMT at Urgent Ambulance Services.

"It doesn't matter who you are, if you're in need of help he's going to stop and help you," said James Wilmer of Urgent Ambulance. "He's trained to do that. That's on his head. That's what he loves to do." 

The driver who struck Callaway stopped at the scene, according to investigators. No charges have been filed but the investigation continues.

Police did not say whether the other driver was hurt.

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