LifeSaver App Provides Immediate Online Life-saving Medical Data to EMS Personnel via Smart Phones

Louisville, KY --  LifeSaver App LLC, a Sedona, Arizona- and Louisville, Kentucky-managed health records company is dedicated to saving lives, time, cost, and reducing medical errors. The company utilizes a newly developed XML/HL7 format to assemble, organize, and archive medical records and other important information via a personalized Emergency Medical Identification Card (EMID). LifeSaver stores critical medical information on a secure website which is immediately available 24/7. This critical information can be accessed by computer, smart phone, or other mobile devices. LifeSaver App is the only supplier of managed health records that offers multiple avenues to immediately access a patient's medical history when it is needed most.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states "The ultimate vision is one in which all patients are fully engaged in their health care and providers have real-time access to all medical information and tools to help assure quality and safety of care while also affording improved access and elimination of healthcare disparities."

LifeSaver offers the technology whereby the HHS ultimate vision can be achieved. This lifesaving technology is being made available for about 21 cents a day.

Research indicates there is a tremendous need for this type service as misdiagnosed and mistreated illnesses/injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. There are more deaths caused by medical errors each year than highway, airline, boating, and motorcycle accidents combined. The cost of medical record and medication errors is over $21 billion per year. In an emergency situation, access to an individual's medical records could mean the difference between life and death.

LifeSaver provides the system and methodology to quickly facilitate the need for accurate and up-to-date information. LifeSaver is in the process of patenting the use of the Microsoft Tag, a bar code that is printed on the EMID cards. This bar code allows emergency responders to scan the EMID Card with a smart phone and the medical information will immediately appear.

When Dr. Roy Givens, a prominent ER physician, was approached with the LifeSaver App concept, he indicated that the healthcare industry had been waiting for this product for 20 years. He added that when he or his colleagues have contact with a patient "Ninety-five percent of the time they have never seen them before and they often only have minutes to make a decision on how to deliver appropriate care." The LifeSaver App card bridges the healthcare gap between doctor and patient by providing immediate access to critical medical information when it is most needed.

LifeSaver App LLC was founded by Marilyn Gard, an experienced entrepreneur with over 30 years of medical consulting and software experience. "The idea for the LifeSaver App program was conceived as a response to my own personal need to have organized medical records," says Ms. Gard. "Every time I consulted a new physician, I had to fill out 10 pages of health history attached to a clipboard. It was difficult to remember all of the medications with their dosages and keep an accurate history when the medications are changed. After the initial release, I realized that LifeSaver App could do more than just organize my medical records; it could make them immediately available to EMS personnel or ER doctors during a medical emergency. Cell phones and notebook computers are amazing tools because they provide instant access to life-saving information. As the program has grown over the last eight years, it is has become a complete personal and family disaster plan that prepares families to handle any emergency situation including medical emergencies, missing persons and asset protection."

According to Ms. Gard, "In today's world of ever-increasing natural disasters, LifeSaver App also provides for the ability to access personal medical records through our unique and secure optional USB EMID card even when there is no internet available. We continue to work on new developments to enhance our product offering in order to provide better service to those who cannot help themselves in times of an emergency."

LifeSaver App's offices and Support Center are located at 80 Juniper Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336. You can learn more at

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