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Caleb Rosier shares how to approach creating a CPR outreach program in a community - Episode 4

In Episode 3 of RQI’s CPR quality improvement series, Caleb Rosier with Carrollton Fire Rescue, shares how to approach creating a CPR outreach program in a community. Survival from sudden cardiac arrest depends on many factors. The entire chain of survival must work together to save that patient. As the Resuscitation Academy in Seattle, WA says, “It takes a system to save a victim.” Through this video series, you’ll hear from first responders, clinicians, bystanders, and survivors who are working to increase survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest within their communities and systems. They are sharing what they have learned, and what still needs to be done to make an impact on increasing survival. Subscribe to our channel to insure you see each new episode as it’s released!

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Students need to feel challenged, and making them think is a win-win
The University of Iowa Simulation in Motion’s three vehicles each carry a simulated emergency bay, ambulance box and four patient simulators.