Attacking oral exam scenarios

While board scenarios do not always reflect reality, complaining will not lead to mastery

When we think about what strikes fear in paramedics, pediatric arrests, precipitous deliveries and unstable bradycardias come to mind. A hidden source of misery here at MCHD is the fear of the oral board scenario exams for advancement. Yes, these are artificial scenarios and do not always reflect reality, but they are a necessary evil.

In this episode join Dr. Dickson and Dr. Patrick as they try and provide some framework for attacking and succeeding when taking oral scenario exams with tips like:

  • Do a full exam every time (back/neuro/perineum). The examiners won’t give you information that you don’t ask for
  • Don’t be afraid of tapping the brakes or even shifting to reverse. There are no extra points for going fast – pause if you need.
  • If you treat the patient, then always reassess. If you give fluids; repeat BP/HR. If you bag the patient, repeat sats.


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