CPRP to exhibit support pillow at EMS World Expo, Booth 926

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Support Pillow is designed to aid with performing proper CPR for single or dual first responders

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Support PillowThe CPRP (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Support Pillow) will enable the First Responder to perform proper CPR by maintaining an open airway. Simply placing our pillow underneath the head and neck region of the victim; a position better known as the Head Tilt Chin Lift position or the Sniff position; the CPRP gives a singular First Responder the affordability to act as if there are two responders at the scene of a cardiac arrest. In doing so the responder's use of a free hand to provide rescue breaths with a bag valve mask or pocket mask are possible.

How does the CPRP work
The CPRP will give the first responder a free hand to operate a pocket mask or a bag valve mask without the hassle of trying to successfully manipulate and hold the victim in the head tilt chin lift position. Rescue breaths are critical to performing proper CPR. These rescue breaths provide much needed oxygen-rich blood for the victim’s vital organs. The chest compressions allow the oxygen rich blood to circulate throughout the body.

"I'm very impressed with the CPR Pillow in terms of its composite make up, design, and functionality. You have successfully addressed the issues associated with preventing disease transmission, ease of cleaning and portability. The fact that this is a device that is not limited to single patient use is attractive and cost effective"
Robert Delagi, Director of Emergency Medical Services Suffolk County

“Easy to use, the layperson can use it without any real training. Even the average civilian could use it to save a life. If you can use a public access defibrillator then this is even easier to use"
EMT Patrick O'Leary, President of Second Chance CPR

Stop by Booth #926 at EMS World Expo to see a live demo of the CPRP, or visit for more information.

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