ArrestPAC Presents an Organized Approach to Cardiac Arrest Management

"Responding to a call for someone in cardiac arrest is anything but routine - even for a high-volume ambulance service, but especially for a service such as ours in rural Minnesota running less than a thousand calls per year. The Arrest Pac presents an organized approach to cardiac arrest management. Utilizing it will allow our crews to concentrate more on things like providing high quality compressions, minimizing interruptions and rapid defibrillation with the goal of increasing survival rates and improving outcomes. Whether working in the field, ER or ICU, I can see where the Arrest Pac is able to assist responders in efficiently and effectively treating an individual in cardiac arrest while reducing the risk for mistakes and confusion." - Joshua A. Fischer, Director RWF Enterprises, Inc.  


ArrestPAC is an emergency resuscitation pack that helps paramedics, nurses, and doctors improve cardiac arrest care and ultimately improve patient survival rates.

Created by two emergency medicine physicians, ArrestPAC was designed to efficiently guide medical teams through the American Heart Association's Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) algorithms.

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