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Ga. county EMS outfits ambulances with LUCAS 3 chest compression system

Clayton County EMS has begun training on the devices for improved chest compressions



By Bill Carey
EMS1 Staff

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — New technology in Clayton County helps EMS crews in the form of hands-free CPR. Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services will soon begin using the Stryker LUCAS 3 chest compression system. 

Interim Fire Chief Tim Sweat hopes the new technology can help the department save lives, 11 Alive reported.

“The mechanical aspect attaches to the patient,” Sweat said. "One of the things that the Lucas device does is delivers clear, concise compressions, both in consistency, depth and rate.”

The LUCAS 3 provides better consistency in chest compressions as opposed to manual compressions.

“Every time we break and slow down, the actual compressions are slower, which means the outcome for the patient is not favorable,” Sweat said.

All ambulances in Clayton County will get the Stryker Lucas devices by early next week.