Calif. cop saves newborn baby with CPR

Officer Gregory Palomo responded to a call about a woman screaming for help and found that she had just given birth to a newborn who wasn’t breathing

OAKLAND, Calif. — A police officer saved a newborn after responding to a woman who had just given birth.

CBS San Francisco reported that Oakland Police Department Officer Gregory Palomo was starting his shift when he responded to a call about a woman screaming for medical attention.

“She was flagging down citizens to call 911 for her and requesting medical [assistance],” Palomo said. “At that time we didn’t know exactly what for.”

Palomo discovered the woman, who was in the front seat of a vehicle, had just given birth to a newborn who was not breathing.

The officer said he immediately began CPR on the baby, who then began to breathe and cry.

“All I could think was, ‘I’m a father of two myself,’” Palomo said. “I could just think that I just really needed to get that baby breathing, you know. I couldn’t imagine if a parent had to lose their child at birth.”

EMTs soon arrived and transported the baby and mother to the hospital, where they are doing well.

“He saved a life! This little baby is living, is going to have a full life because of this man,” Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick said. “I am proud of the work my officers do every day. This is just one example of the extraordinary work that is done.”


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