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New VC, Responder Ventures, launches investments to focus on public safety technology innovation

Jupiter, FL (November, 2016) – Responder Ventures, LLC announces the formal launch of its industry-leading venture capital firm dedicated to investing in innovative products and solutions for the public safety sector. Responder aims to identify and support the top technologies available to assist first responder ventures within law enforcement, EMS, fire safety and military. Responder Ventures looks to invest $250K—$1M in early-stage companies with disruptive lifesaving technologies driven by passionate entrepreneurs.

Supported by a growing network of highly experienced and entrenched industry leaders, Responder Ventures has invested in three highly compelling companies to date:

  • Bounce Imaging – With its proprietary stitch imaging technology, Bounce Imaging is a leading manufacturer of throwable sensors and cameras that give first responders valuable on-site and instantaneous visual and audio data using a patented panoramic video technology.
  • Ten8Tech – Provides automation solutions for incidence reporting to public safety organizations, improving response efficiency and driving substantial cost savings.
  • RapidSOS – Revolutionary 911 emergency response solutions engineered to solve emergency dispatch shortfalls, such as geolocation, that cost thousands of lives annually. RapidSOS’ advanced platform instantly provides first responders the data they need to properly address emergency situations.

“Responder Ventures is looking for opportunities where our industry experience and connections can help both new entrepreneurs and experienced professionals,” said Nathanial Wish, founder and managing partner of the firm. “If you have a passion for the technology you build and truly want to make a difference in our communities, that’s the type of team we want to invest in for the long term and help reach their full potential.”

Wish, who is an active reserve deputy and detective with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, is joined at Responder Ventures by Ross O’Brien, managing director and Bryce Stirton, vice president. Advisors to the firm include Diane Newberg, Vincent Tedesco, Dennis Weiner, Jason Welch and Barry Wish.

About Responder Ventures

Responder Ventures, LLC is a venture capital firm formed to identify, invest in, and manage a portfolio of technology companies that provide innovative products and solutions to the public safety sector. With a team of seasoned industry and investment professionals, Responder focuses on innovative technologies that address the needs of first responders and positively impact communities.

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