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NAEMT Board of Directors Candidates Issue Statements

Four candidates have issued public statements as they vie for a seat on the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Board of Directors. The election is slated for this month in Orlando. The candidates include:

Gregory R. Brown
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“If elected, my goal is to continue to foster the field of EMS and address its challenges with the same passion I have had for past 10 years. Some of these key challenges that the NAEMT and the EMS community at large will face in the future is the recruitment and retention of EMS workers.”

Christian E. Callsen, Jr.
Austin, Texas
“We must increase our efforts to raise community awareness and educate our citizens that exceptional EMS service is not a cost to be avoided but an investment that every community must be willing embrace.”

Jennifer Frenette
Lancaster, New Hampshire
“I believe that EMS has a responsibility to itself to stand up and be counted, now! EMS needs to be compensated fairly for the services provided to our nation’s communities — beyond our clinical response, we are the community outreach, educators and mitigation, especially in rural areas of this country.”

Howard A. (Skip) Kirkwood, Jr.
Wake Forest, North Carolina
“I am seeking a seat on the NAEMT Board of Directors because EMS in the United States has reached a critical point in time, where the future of our industry and our profession hangs in the balance.”

To read the full candidate statements, visit NAEMT.

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