Tips for Celebrating EMS for Children Day

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Thousands of health care professionals have stepped up to assure America’s children are properly cared for. So what have you done? For most of us, we simply do what is required; take continuing education courses, carry pediatric care references, and give our pediatric patients the best we can. But is that enough? Absolutely not. We can absolutely do more.

You can start by implementing a EMSC program in your department. Here are some useful tips:

  • Provide an Open House for your community to come meet the local EMS Providers and learn about their capabilities and needs, especially those related to caring for children.
  • Provide an Open House for your local EMS Providers as a way to thank them for their dedication and service.
  • Distribute brochures and information about EMS and how EMS cares for ill and injured children.
  • Contact with local Emergency Departments, Trauma Centers, hospitals, and care facilities to meet the rest of the care team and discuss ways to increase pediatric care strategies.
  • Contact local schools to help implement injury and illness prevention programs, distribute information booklets, or provide tours of the ambulances.
  • Distribute information to restaurants related to pediatric emergency procedures, including how to activate the EMS system.
  • Contact local media such as radio, newspaper, and TV outlets to get the EMS for Children message out to the public.
  • Using tools available from ACEP and EMSC conduct surveys to determine if your community is prepared to care for ill and injured children not only in a disaster, but on an everyday basis. You might be surprised!
  • Teach pediatric CPR and First Aid.
  • Add “Happy EMSC Day” to all your emails.
  • Our children are our future so what are you doing when someone ask, “What about the children?”

Go to the ACEP Web site ( or the EMSC Web site ( where you can find information, suggestions, projects and program templates, and activities that may assist in the planning and implementation processes.

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