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Airway management decisions: An interactive quiz for EMTs

From assessing to intervening, this quiz covers vital airway management scenarios to ensure you’re equipped to handle emergencies confidently.

Airway management is a critical skill for EMTs, requiring precise knowledge and quick decision-making to ensure patient safety and improve outcomes. This quiz focuses on various scenarios EMTs might encounter in the field, challenging their ability to choose the most appropriate airway management interventions. From pediatrics to adults, mild distress to cardiac arrest, each question is designed to test the practitioner’s understanding of oxygen delivery devices, ventilation techniques and the use of airway adjuncts.

The scenarios range from a 2-year-old with labored breathing to a 79-year-old in mild-to-moderate respiratory distress, covering a wide spectrum of situations including the correct use of supplemental oxygen, positive pressure ventilation and the integration of advanced airway management during resuscitation efforts.

Good luck, and remember, each scenario is an opportunity to improve your ability to make life-saving decisions in the field.

Take the quiz below or access it here.

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