Medic shares his wild ride treating thousands of 'naked strangers'

Kevin Hazzard shared the story of his 10-year EMS career working for Grady EMS in the new book "A Thousand Naked Strangers"


ATLANTA — In the 10 years he spent driving an ambulance in Atlanta, former paramedic Kevin Hazzard rescued people from choking, overdoses, cardiac arrest, gunshot wounds and a host of other medical emergencies.

He frequently found himself practicing medicine in unsafe settings, either along the side of a highway as cars whipped past, or at the scene of an assault, where either the patient or the spectators might have weapons. "There are a lot of situations like that where it's just not practical to wait for it to be completely safe and you gotta just try to weigh the odds," Hazzard tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

In his new book, "A Thousand Naked Strangers," Hazzard chronicles his experiences as a paramedic — and explains how it is that so many of his patients came to him partially clothed.

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