EMS World Expo Photo Gallery: MCI and stop the bleed tools

Products displayed at the EMS World Expo will help providers stop the bleed and transport patients to definitive care

By EMS1 Staff

Check out these products displayed on the 2019 EMS World Expo Exhibit Hall floor, designed to help EMS providers in mass casualty situations stop the bleed, and stabilize and extricate patients to casualty collection points and on for transport to definitive care.  

RCR Medical reps were on site, demonstrating the one-handed, on-the-go operation of its B.O.A. Tourniquet, featuring a self-locking, adjustable windlass dial; d-ring for quick tightening; and a quick release buckle. 

NelDerm Hydrogel Dressings’ occlusive top layer allows oxygen circulation along with water vapor and CO2 escape in a number of sizes. Their cost effectiveness and ease of use (while applying, adjusting or replacing) makes them a good fit for individual first aid kits. 

Attendees had the chance to check out SkedCo’s Field Expedient Bleeding Simulation System, the FEBSS HydraSim and HydraSim SP, designed to train first responders on the intense reality of catastrophic bleeding. The self-contained system allows for independent wireless control of two venous and two arterial bleeds which can be manually adjusted.  

Meret was featuring its X series of emergency response packs and bags, which are equipped with ergonomic features, e.g., 3-way carry, as well as spray and wipe infection control surfaces in both the exterior and interior modules, highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to patient and provider safety. 

In addition to its Flow-Safe disposable CPAP systemsMercury Medical also displayed its WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze, which conforms to different types of injuries, is self-activating and easy to apply. Its gel formation creates an environment conducive to clotting, and doesn’t require manual pressure to be effective.   

Hartwell Medical displayed the CombiCarrierII scoop stretcher and extrication board, with a concave surface that limits lateral movement, without requiring logrolling to secure the patient, protecting those with suspected hip, pelvic and spinal injuries.  

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