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Unified Solutions launches Learning Management System for EMS Departments


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PITTSBURGH, Pa., - Unified Solutions is excited to announce that its Learning Management System is now available for use as part of their EMS Platform. Continuing education is a key component to EMS success, and LMS for EMS creates an efficient and effective environment. Additionally, features such as the ability to upload training sessions, create training timelines, and 24/7 accessibility helps eliminate some of the management burdens.

As with other Unified Solutions applications, accessibility is the differentiator for Unfied’s LMS. Not only does Unified’s LMS offer a user-friendly, seamless experience in real-time that can be used offline, it also creates training flexibility for employees and provides centralized record-keeping, while also allows administrators to establish alerts and reminders to ensure deadlines and expectations are communicated and noted. Also adding to the application’s accessibility is its availability on any device, eliminating the possibility of having to upgrade technology or change operating systems.

“Unified Solutions is committed to providing our first responders with a safe and reliable application that keeps up with the ever-changing, fast-paced environment. Keeping up with that includes continual learning as medicine, techniques, technology, environments, and more continue to change and offers the resources they need to succeed. Continuing education in EMS is about continual safety - for the public and our providers,” commented Unified Solutions COO Steve Wilson. “The duties of our first responders are challenging enough. Our learning management system is designed to make continuing education an efficient and accessible experience. We are focused on our providers’ growth.”

To demo the application for free, visit:

About Unified
Unified Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative software company that focuses on the first responder community. They are currently in 27 states, many countries, multiple languages and expanding fast. They provide a comprehensive software suite including ePCR, Billing Services, Truck Checks, Transport Scheduling, Crew Scheduling, and more. Since their founding in 2014, they have worked to make software solutions faster, more accessible, easier-to-use, and more data driven.

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