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Feedback Innovations Helps EMS Operations Improve Patient Care

Feedback Innovations provides emergency medical services (EMS) agencies with the most comprehensive program for evaluating patient satisfaction and the quality of pre-hospital care.

Our Assessment of Service Quality is a valuable system for our clients, who are committed to upholding the highest standards of patient care by offering best-in-class EMS.

Ambulance providers use the Feedback Innovations system to collect and analyze data from every EMS call, and benchmark their results to a database. This powerful tool allows our clients to objectively and accurately assess the performance of their service and employees, including EMTs and paramedics. It also helps them identify ways to improve the efficiency and quality of their operations.

See what some customers had to say about how Feedback Innovations helped them improve their business:


“We have been collecting patient satisfaction surveys for more than a year and find them to be an invaluable tool for understanding patient needs under what are often difficult circumstances. We are convinced that this effort has helped us offer a higher level of pre-hospital patient care because it provides key indicators into our performance in the field. EMS medical techniques and technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and this program helps us continue to raise the clinical sophistication of our team.”

–Lincoln Fire Chief Arthur Cotoni

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