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TruTriage partners with Uber Health to improve access to non-emergency medical transportation for eligible 911 callers

TOWSON, Md.- TruTriage, Inc. through its affiliated subsidiaries has partnered with Uber Health as the exclusive transport request platform available to TruTriage’s customers in the 911 marketplace. Organizations that deploy TruTriage solutions for 911 nurse triage can provide rides with Uber Health for 911 callers who require non-emergency transport to alternative healthcare destinations.

Uber Health can provide time-bound and destination-specific information on rides if the nurse determines that the caller is appropriate and the jurisdiction has deemed the caller eligible. The caller is not required to have an Uber account and simply needs to have access to a phone to receive updates on their ride. Rides with Uber Health should not be requested in emergency situations.

“Developing this partnership with Uber Health is key to offering transportation alternatives to patients who call 911 but do not require an ambulance,” says TruTriage Chief Executive Officer Ian Hamilton. “The ability to provide non-emergency medical transportation that is cost-effective enables us to better support communities with our 911 nurse triage services without consuming ambulance transportation resources unnecessarily.”

“Many patients for whom transportation is a barrier to care call 911 when seeking non-emergency and non-urgent medical care,” said Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health. “In these instances, Uber Health and TruTriage help underserved communities to access the care they need without overwhelming emergency medical services and ambulance systems.”

Ultimately, this partnership with Uber Health will help improve access to and affordability of care provided after a caller places a 911 call. Oftentimes callers utilize 911 to get to healthcare resources when they do not have other means to do so. Partnering with Uber Health is a critical way for TruTriage to help avoid unintentionally overburdening the 911 system with non-emergency rides. This partnership looks to help improve health outcomes for communities by providing access to transportation – a key social determinant of health.

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