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Vehicle manufacturers plan to deliver all-electric ambulances by end of 2021

Lightning eMotors and REV Group, Inc. are co-developing the zero-emission Leader Emergency Vehicles

leader emergency vehicles all electric ambulances

Lightning eMotors and REV Group, Inc. have announced their partnership to develop zero-emission, all-electric ambulances.

Photo/Lightning eMotors, REV Group Inc. via Business Wire

By Laura French

LOVELAND, Colo. — Two commercial vehicle manufacturers have announced they are co-developing all-electric ambulances with delivery planned by the end of 2021.

Lightning eMotors and REV Group, Inc. partnered to develop the zero-emission Leader Emergency Vehicles, which will be based on Lightning eMotors’ fourth-generation Lightning Electric Transit Van, according to a press release. The vans offer up to 105 kWh of battery capacity and can be charged via Level 2 AC charging or DC fast charging, according to the companies.

“Electrification is reaching all different types of fleet vehicles, and ambulances are a logical next step,” said Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser, in a statement. “These zero-emission vehicles are powerful, smooth, and quiet, and drivers will love them. As a fully electric model, they have no tailpipe emissions, so it’s a healthier choice for the air you breathe as well.”

The ambulance chassis will be electrified at the Lightning eMotors’ Loveland, Colorado facility and then built at REV Group, Inc.'s Leader facility in South El Monte, California. The rigs will be available to government agencies and municipalities, commercial operators, hospitals and nonprofit organizations.

“REV Group’s vision is our continuous pursuit to improve the quality of life for our customers and communities,” REV Group President and CEO Rod Rushing said in a statement. “This pursuit includes our commitment to investing in innovative technology and leading in the electrification of commercial vehicles.”


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