Milwaukee rig crash with two 2 other vehicles leaves 4 people hurt

One vehicle collided with the Bell Ambulance rig, which had its lights and siren on, making the ambulance roll and hit a third vehicle

By Leila Merrill

MILWAUKEE — A collision involving an ambulance and two other vehicles left four people injured – two EMTs, the patient they were transporting, and the driver of the vehicle that hit the rig, according to Fox 6.

A vehicle collided with the Bell Ambulance on Monday afternoon as the crew was transporting the patient and had the rig’s lights and siren on. The impact made the ambulance roll onto its side and hit a third vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was not hurt, police said.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the ambulance was cited.

After the crash, Bell Ambulance urged the public to slow down for emergency vehicles, give them space and avoid distractions.

"Whether it’s the radio, the phone or simply looking away for a second, it could be the difference with you connecting with a first responder’s vehicle and you getting home safely," said said Adam Kuhs, deputy director of operations.


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