How to apply a DermaClip: Closing a wound without stitches

A single-use, non-invasive, needle-less skin closure device

The DermaClip non-invasive skin closure device is a wound closure replacement for sutures, staples, glues and tapes. Perfect for anything from chronic wounds to surgical incisions. The adhesive based system applies without pain.

The device is a single-use, non-invasive, needle-less skin closure device that is designed to achieve full eversion on each skin closure. This is accomplished through a patented design that incorporates a plastic structures that mates a "Living Hinge" sandwiched between two layers of hypo-allergenic, alkylate-based adhesive to a ratchet mechanism so as to lift the skin in the closure process and evert it.

Just a few minutes of simple training allows even lesser-trained staff to achieve proper wound closure, allowing DermaClip to benefit even more patients. Simply pick the DermaClip device off its backing; place it across the approximated edges of the wound; and pull it until you hear it “click” shut. Clip the tabs off and you are done! For patient comfort and convenience, a dressing can be applied over the closed DermaClip devices using normal procedures.

This article was originally posted Apr. 14, 2017. It has been updated.

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