Ramedic IntroducesThe Hurl•e® “Pocket-Size” All Purpose Emesis Container

Introducing The Hurl•e® “Pocket-Size” All Purpose Emesis Container

We worked closely with medical experts at a major hospital (with an academic and referral center and Level I trauma status) to fine-tune a new and innovative "all purpose" emesis container specifically for paramedics and first responders. The result was the Hurl•e® Emesis Container. There is nothing like it on the market. In fact, we just received a utility patent for the Hurl•e® US Patent No. 7686791.

The Hurl•e® is a “pocket-size” all-purpose emesis container that paramedics can easily carry with them at all times, and it deploys in seconds into a large capacity (2 liter) emesis container with some very unique capabilities. And it can be used by all types of patients – coherent patients (hand held) AND impaired patients (hands free). See our website www.hurl-e.com for details.

The Hurl•e® replaces all other types of emesis containers (e.g., emesis basins, wash basins, plastic bags, etc.) that are commonly used by paramedics and first responders. Simply put, the Hurl•e® is the right tool for the job!

Hurl•e® Features And Benefits

“Pocket-Size” convenience – carry it with you at all time. The folded “packet” fits inside pockets, fanny packs, ready bags, etc.

“All Purpose” emesis container 2 liter capacity – designed for coherent patients (hand held) and impaired patients (hands free).

Deploys easily in seconds – reduce unnecessary exposure to germs and disease and the unpleasant task of working around spilled vomit.

Large container opening (36 sq. inches) – easy and effective for coherent patients to hold and use while vomiting.

Splash Guard/Privacy Shield – prevents vomit from splashing while also providing coherent patients with a degree of privacy in an uncomfortable situation.

Bib/Chute and Adjustable Neck Strap for impaired patients – paramedics can quickly secure the Hurl•e® under the patient’s chin (like a baby bib).

Flat Bottom – set it down without tipping over.

Easy to fold and close after use – simply fold to close and set aside for disposal.

Please visit our website at http://www.hurl-e.com for more information.

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