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Ferno Launches iN∫TRAXX™ Integrated Ambulance Component System™


Photo courtesy of Ferno

Las Vegas, NV, September 16, 2015 – Ferno, the global leader in pre-hospital emergency care solutions, will be launching the Ferno iN∫TRAXX™ Integrated Ambulance Component System during EMSWorld Expo in Las Vegas this week. The system features tracks mounted to the ambulance walls with a series of modular, interchangeable storage and equipment components. iN∫TRAXX increases safety by allowing medics to deliver the full range of patient care while seated and restrained. The system also saves agencies money with more efficient management of inventory and supplies in a customizable layout.

“We wanted to provide the industry with an innovative redesign of the ambulance interior that improved the safety of the medic, increased performance, and ultimately saved them money,” said Tim Schroeder, director of ambulance systems for Ferno. “Because the iN∫TRAXX system is modular, medics can now customize the inside of an ambulance in a matter of minutes, thus eliminating the need for specialty vehicles in their fleet.”

The iN∫TRAXX system increases agency efficiency by making supplies more accessible and allowing for better inventory control.

“We have thrown out thousands of supplies because providers come back from a call and replace the supplies they used, throwing them into the cabinet in the front,” said Mike McCart, Deputy Chief of Pulaski Co. (MO) Ambulance District. “The supplies don’t get rotated and then they expire. We needed a way to reduce inventory and rotate the suppliers more easily,” he added
Ferno combined crash safety insights gained from work with NIOSH, together with customer research and solutions Ferno provides to the military to develop the iN∫TRAXX system. The resulting iN∫TRAXX is fully compliant to the SAE J3043 recommended practice for ambulance equipment mount devices and systems.

“Being able to touch your patient from a seated, restrained position and reach across the ambulance to get whatever you may need is an excellent thing,” said McCart. “The system is so interchangeable, that the sky’s the limit and it gives you the flexibility of making your truck, your truck.”Be sure to visit Ferno Booth 1111 at EMS World Expo 2015 to get a full demonstration. Visitors may also receive a free t-shirt benefitting The Code Green Campaign, which supports the mental health of first responders.

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