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EMS Pioneers

EMS leaders reflect on the legacy of pioneer Jack Stout, who promoted system status management and high-performance EMS to shape modern prehospital care
Paramedic/RN/PA persevered despite tragedy
On the eve of the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions, we celebrate our own
EMS leaders described Dr. Leonard Cobb as a giant, pioneer and luminary whose work “touched the lives of thousands worldwide”
Nagel helped develop ALS and the country’s first paramedicine program, held leadership roles through the 1980s and was an adviser for “Emergency!”
The archive of more than 100 of Stout’s articles and essays was funded through a partnership between FirstWatch and AIMHI
Dr. Livingston Wong, who died on Oct. 25 at the age of 90, is credited with contributing to the “birth of paramedics” in Hawaii in the 1970s
Steve Teale discusses the peculiarities of small-town practice and life after EMS
Sara Wainwright lauds ROSC progress, laments opioid epidemic
John Filangeri talks about memorable calls and recreational fluid challenges
John Dillon still rides a regular shift for his hometown squad four decades after serving as a volunteer while still in high school
Minnesota EMS pioneer Kalie Klaysmat faced winters without running water
A New Mexico paramedic, educator and attorney encourages EMS providers to be innovators and promote the profession
Gene Gandy swapped law practice for prehospital care 28 years ago
Gene Iannuzzi, with over 30 years in both EMS and nursing, says the rivalry has more to do with ignorance than experience