Quick Clip: How EMS is reacting to Ebola hysteria

Hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson talk about the spread of the virus, and the panic it’s causing among EMS agencies and the general public

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In this week’s Inside EMS quick clip, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson talk about the spread of Ebola, and the hysteria it’s causing in the United States.

Cebollero said when two infected aid workers first came to the United States for treatment in August, the spread of the virus wasn’t taken as seriously as it could have been by his department.

“I said we really have to start preparing for this, and in no short term, it was kind of laughed at,” he said.

Now, they’re working on a full Ebola plan, simulating two different scenarios of someone with the virus walking into the ER, and if EMS gets a call involving a potentially infected patient.  

Cebollero said he’s worried about EMS providers and healthcare professionals, and expressed his frustration about the patient, who has since died, being sent home when he had symptoms.

“They even asked him if he traveled, and they still sent him home,” Cebollero said.

Grayson said he can’t blame the patient for coming to the United States, and that he may have done the same.

“I can’t tell you I wouldn’t hop on a plane and get my butt right home,” Grayson said. “I want First World medical care, in the United States.” 

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