Ohio EMS supervisor doubles salary with overtime

The EMS supervisor earned about $50,000 in overtime by overseeing EMS, firefighters and police training

CLEVELAND — An EMS supervisor for Cleveland EMS doubled her salary by working overtime nearly every weekday and weekend in 2015.

FOX 8 Cleveland reported Sgt. Gwendolyn McCue earned $101,000 last year. Her base salary is $52,000.

The city said McCue oversees EMS recruitment and training. She recently trained firefighters to reverse opioid overdoses, and she also oversees police first aid training.

"The amount of work that was done that benefited the city of Cleveland I think was outstanding," said Assistant Safety Director Ed Eckart. "There was no question relative to any impropriety with her not being where she was supposed to be. There’s no question that she worked every minute of the time. There’s no question or issue with her integrity."

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