Vegas EMS ambulance company unveils pizza delivery service

"The way I see it, why let these lights and sirens go to waste when it's not running to a call?"

The Daily Topping

LAS VEGAS — When in Vegas, one doesn't have to wait long to see one of the cities many ambulances racing up and down the famous Las Vegas Strip with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

However, if Buddy Lee, executive partner and co-founder of City Rescue Ambulance, has his way, it may not be a life-threatening emergency that one ambulance is racing toward.

"The way I see it, why let these lights and sirens go to waste when it's not running to a call?" he explained. "I figure that during the down time, we use these bad boys to deliver pizza to hungry tourists on the strip."

That's right, the Einstein's of City Rescue Ambulance have started using ambulances to deliver pizza. "Seriously," Lee said, "What other company in town can get a pizza to you faster than a full-on lights and sirens ambulance?"

Many may remember City Rescue from other recent failed schemes like on-board slot machines and stripper poles mounted in the back. "Yeah, some of those ideas were kinda stupid," Lee admitted. "But this one is a total winner!"

Lee said the Pizza Ambulance is fitted with removable billboards that can be taken off in less than 30 seconds. "We just put a pizza warmer on the bench and toss the sodas into the saline chiller. It's perfect!" he said.

When asked who prepared the food being delivered, Lee explained that the dispatch center has been relocated to a local out-of-business pizza restaurant where dispatchers process food orders when not taking 911 calls.

In addition, he has the supply department cook the food when they aren't re-stocking units. "It's the perfect system," Lee said.

When asked what a unit does if an emergency call comes in while on a pizza run, Lee replied, "We haven't worked out all the kinks yet, but we're getting there.

"One option we are looking at is if we don't get there in 15 minutes, CPR is free."

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