Virginia Tech shooting responder meets woman he saved

Curtis Brown reunited with Kristina Anderson, whom he carried out of a campus building after she had been shot three times in the 2007 incident

By EMS1 Staff

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A police officer who responded to the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting reunited with a woman he helped save 11 years later.

WTOP reported that Kristina Anderson, a survivor of the shooting, is now the executive director of the Koshka Foundation for Safe Schools, a nonprofit that focuses on school safety and violence prevention.

Anderson now travels the country to participate in school safety conferences, sharing her experience before and after she was shot three times in a Virginia Tech classroom.

While speaking at a conference, she revealed that she was reunited with Christiansburg Police Department Officer Curtis Brown, who saved her after the shooting.

“Curtis, would you say hello?” she asked during her presentation, and he stood up from the crowd. “Curtis and I met for the first time on April 16 — when he carried me outside of Norris Hall.”

Brown received a standing ovation from the audience and recalled carrying Anderson to safety.

“Since the first time I carried her and handed her to the other guys, this is the first time I’ve seen her,” Brown said.

Brown and Anderson had connected on Facebook and met for the first time at the convention. He said seeing the woman she has become brought a smile to his face.

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