Fallen paramedic’s brother speaks about him at memorial

Michael Rosenthal, an Army Green Beret, said his brother Greg was the reason he “ended up joining the Special Forces and became a medic myself”

By EMS1 Staff

WAUSAU, Wis. — A fallen paramedic’s brother spoke about how he was inspired by him to join the special forces and help others.

WSAW reported that Michael Rosenthal said his brother, Greg, was his inspiration to become an Army Green Beret.

"It was regular talks with Greg, the things that he would do ... the giving, being able to help people and I ended up joining the Special Forces and became a medic myself,” he said.

Michael flew home from Syria for a memorial for Greg, who was killed along with flight nurse Klint Mitchell and pilot Rico Caruso when an Ascension Wisconsin Spirit flight crashed on its way back to its base.

"A heart of gold, honestly a heart of gold,” Michael said about Greg. “He is the type of individual, if he had $20 in his pocket and you needed it, even if he needed it he would still give it to you.”

He added that the love of public service runs in the family.

"My father was a police officer for 30 some odd years and my mom was a nurse, so growing up we learned the importance of community and what it was to be a public servant."

Michael said that although Greg left behind four children, they will be able to remember their father as a great role model.

"I'm proud of his ability to give back selflessly to so many people and to positively impact so many lives," Michael added.


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