4 ways to demonstrate fiscal stability for EMS grant funding

Sustainment of a project beyond the period of grant funding is a sign of a wise investment for a project funder

Nearly all grant applications have a section requiring the explanation of your EMS organization’s sustainability. Funders want to know that when their funding of a one year or multiple-year project ends your organization will be able to continue to support the project. Sustainability is proof that a grant was a wise investment for a funder.

The sustainability plan is often the most difficult piece of an application to write and as a result often is the weakest section. Sustainability refers to the ability of administrators to maintain an EMS organization over the long term [1]. This is especially important for EMS agencies given that they serve high-need communities that require consistent and continually available services. The goal for any organization’s sustainability plan is to maintain or expand services while developing resilience to occasional, short-term economic burdens.

Why do we need to show sustainability?  

Funders consider grant applications as investment opportunities. They want to be assured that their contribution is having a lasting effect on the community. Even for equipment purchases, like an AED or power-cot, funders want to be assured that your organization has the ability to financially support required maintenance, replace parts and continue training necessary for optimal utilization of the funded purchase. 

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